Catastrophe 77, the interrupted journey

Author: Juanca Romero Hasmen

One March 27, 1977 the morning sun and Islander blue magical not foreshadowed at all nothing about a few hours later was about to happen.
Flying from the Atlantic skies, a Pan Am jumbo with 378 people on board, takes course to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria while another Dutch KLM Jumbo carries 234 passengers in its interior with the idea of reaching the same destination.
From here, a continuous chain of events became that idyllic day on the bloodiest and mournful day ever recorded in the Canary Islands.
Notices bomb in the airport of Gran Canaria forcing the detour to the island of Tenerife, collapse on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport, poor communications, an unexpected change in the weather, the desperation of the crews and a destination designated by the sad record of 583 deaths and stigma of a people marked by tragedy.
With this book, from the humility and the greatest respect, I honor those who were and who are. Those who left their last breath in the take-off to the real heaven and also those that with their solidarity and heart draw horizons of life for those who believed lose it.
For those generations who saw before their eyes what had happened and opened the pages of newspapers every day with dropper of a victim, and another, and another and another, and to the generations that have been fortunate to not live it, so that knowledge of their history makes them reflect on the value of a moment. 

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