Catastrophe 77, the interrupted journery



Autor: Juanca Romero Hasmen

Collection: Círculo Rojo - Investigación

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One March 27, 1977, the biggest air disaste in history occurred on the runways of the airport of Los Rodeos.

Previous events conspired to complete the puzzle fatal; pumps notices in the airport of Gran Canaria, forcing the detour to the island of Tenerife, collapse on the runways of Los Rodeos airport, poor comunications, an unexpected change in the weather, the desperation of the crews anda a destination designated by the sad record of 583 deaths, and stigma of a people marked by tragedy.

This essay allows us to access all the information about the accident between the two jumbos -the one from the Pan Am and the one from the KLM-. We will know what happened during the previous hours, what factors influenced to both aircraft rolling down the same runway and facing at the moment of the collision, and from the respect, we will access to the testimonies of those who survived the tragedy and those who collaborated in the work of rescue and recovery of the dead bodies.

Additionally, runways from Los Rodeos and around the airport are covered by a strong halo of mistery in which no missing ingredients as spectral apparitions -the girl in the booth and wandering being on the runways-, strange lights and anomalies, premonitions, conspiracies and so on what subjectively, are part of the anomalous fact scenario.

The first comprehensive monograph written about the tragedy that holds the unfortunate distinction of being the biggest air disaster in history.